ALC, FS Sign MOU Noting Mutual Benefits


The American Loggers Council recently entered into a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with USDA Forest Service (FS) that formalizes future collaboration and recognizes common areas of mutual benefit. The MOU highlights the vital role and services the timber industry provides in supporting FS national forest management objectives, along with the role that the FS has in supporting America’s timber industry and the resource they provide for the essential wood products society depends upon daily.

Loggers are on the front line every day, contributing directly to the health of the nation’s forests,” said Forest Service Chief Randy Moore, who spoke at this year’s Oregon Logging Conference. “Sustainably sourcing wood supports critical forest management activities that reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires and make our forests healthier, while also creating jobs and strengthening local economies. This memorandum builds on our partnership with loggers to improve the health of the nation’s forests.”

There are many challenges threatening the future and health of the timber and forest products industries and the nation’s forests. The solution to addressing these challenges and threats is collaboration and cooperation between the timber industry, the forest products industry, and public forest managers. Each entity shares a common objective—healthy forests. The timber and forest products sector provide the tools and markets to enable sustainable forest management practices; mitigate wildfire impacts; improve forest health; reduce disease and infestation; improve carbon sequestration; create rural employment; and support communities.

However, these goals and objectives require a concerted effort between the public and private sectors. All are dependent upon the other, and none can succeed without the other. This MOU formally recognizes a commitment to working together to sustain the critical infrastructure and the forests.

Mike Albrecht, President of the American Loggers Council, emphasized, “America’s loggers are the ‘boots on the ground’ providing essential wood products while helping protect and restore our forests to their fullest potential. We cannot do our job without a strong working relationship with the U.S. Forest Service. This memorandum will serve to strengthen that relationship as we focus on our common goals of healthy forests coupled with a healthy timber industry.”

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