Elmia Wood Comes Back: 2022 Event A Success

Elmia Wood 2022 was held in the forest of Bratteborg, outside Jönköping, Sweden June 2-4, 2022—the first time this event has been held in nearly five years thanks to the global pandemic. Nearly 26,000 visitors walked through the show site, featuring over 270 exhibitors from 22 different countries.

As usual for Elmia Wood, the show offered both technological innovations and smart start-up ideas for the industry’s future. The show’s theme: “The value of forests for the innovative and sustainable forestry of the future,” clearly shaped the discussions, especially at the successful Wood Let’s Talk venue, which attracted many people to sit down and listen to exciting debates and lectures. It was also gratifying to see the many interested participants in the new knowledge initiative the Innovation Loop.

“Our exhibitors are very satisfied, in some cases above their expectations. And the great atmosphere testified to the visitors’ satisfaction too. I am particularly pleased that the forests’ importance to Sweden and the world from a climate perspective so clearly characterized the fair,” comments Anders Roman, program manager for Elmia Wood.

“Welcome back to Elmia Wood and the forests of Bratteborg,” Anders concludes. Elmia Wood will open its doors again in May/June 2025.

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