July / August 2023

In this year’s Timber Harvesting Logger Survey, loggers across the country report they are facing growing challenges to profitability and business viability.


  • 2023 Logger Survey: Facing A Stand Of Challenges
MY TAKE: ‘Fungible Resource’? Not Loggers, As Survey Emphasizes Business Issues

Gathering up the results for this year’s Timber Harvesting Survey, and reading the comments that go with each question is always one of the editors’ favorite parts of the survey report process. We repeatedly ask our readers to “Raise Your Voice” in responding to the survey, and once you add up all the comments we have well over 300 deep (and some not so deep) logger thoughts on a wide variety of topics.


Article by Dan Shell, Managing Editor, Timber Harvesting

  • Pulp-Paper-Container Market Undergoing Big Changes
  • Canada Fires Hit Mills, Loggers, Big Acreage
  • Hood Rebuilding Plywood Plant In Mississippi
  • Huber OSB Plant Lands In Mississippi
  • CM Biomass Adds To Pellets Roster
  • Roseburg Announces Major Investment
  • Asia Global Pellet Share Is Growing
  • Arizona Project Released, Yet Costs Affect Health Projects
  • Court Rejects Ban Of Aerial Retardant On Forest Fires
  • Great Lakes Logging Expo: Pre-Show Activity Brisk
As We (ALC) See It
  • Loggers, Truckers Provide Critical Landowner-Mill Connection
  • Deere 2956G Crawler Log Loader
  • Tigercat 865 Purpose-Built Loader
  • Prolenc Log Load Binder
Baker’s Diverse Operation Hauls Multiple Products

MALVERN, Arkansas – Though his company may be named Baker Land and Cattle, Cody Baker, 27, says these days his business is in the woods, not the pastures. Baker and his dad, Kevin, 52, don’t actually run cattle anymore, but they did for a long time, and in fact that’s how they got into logging.

Article By David Abbott, Senior Editor, Timber Harvesting

  • Swedish Forestry Expo Looks Good
  • DC Equipment Buys Madill Brand, Assets
  • Quebec Receives First Of Three Logset Hybrids
  • Caribou Purchases StumpGeek Software
  • International Names Waters Top Dealer
  • Ponsse Looks Ahead To Fossil-Free Steel
  • Husqvarna Group Names Hajman CEO
  • Air Burner’s CharBoss
  • Rottne R-Cabin
  • Oregon State Gets $1 Million To Study Mass Timber, Fire
  • USDA Announces Wood Utilization, Innovation Grants

2023 Logger Survey: Facing A Stand Of Challenges

Article by Dan Shell, Managing Editor, Timber Harvesting

In this year’s Timber Harvesting Logger Survey, loggers across the country report they are facing growing challenges to profitability and business viability.

Designing the logger survey, our loosely followed process at TH is to do a straightforward contractor profile kind of survey every other odd year, then try to find an issue or specific area to drill into in the survey and swap out some questions on the even years.

During the past several surveys the pandemic has taken up a lot of survey space, and this is the first survey since 2019 that doesn’t have a specific pandemic question. This is also a basic contractor profile survey year.

So in this 2023 Logger Survey Report, we decided to look at it as a “before” and “after” situation comparing business conditions and survey results from 2019 before the pandemic hit in early 2020 to now—a depressing new normal in many ways. Along the way, there’s been unprecedented forest product prices and soaring inflation, been more of the same around the country as loggers struggle with challenges such as ongoing public lands access and overall regulations out West, major closures and realignment in the pulp, paper and container sector with mill closures in the Carolinas, Florida, Maine and Louisiana. And weather events can quickly turn into huge business challenges as hurricanes, fires and even overly warm winters, continue to create risk and hardship around the country.

Not to get too proverbial here, but the silver lining in the old saying of being “lucky” to live and operate in “interesting times” certainly wears thin after a while. So this survey report will do a lot of comparisons to just four years ago, to highlight the changes wrought by unprecedented economic events and pandemic dynamics. In doing so, we spotted several interesting data points.


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