Michigan’s Viking Energy Biomass Plant Still Closing

The Viking Energy Biomass plant in Lincoln, Mich. is closing early despite being under contract until 2027 and a recent order not to let them out of the contract, according to reports. The company is moving ahead with plans to close the biomass facility and establish a solar and wind farm, although Michigan state officials say it won’t be large enough to replace the plant’s current 18 MW output that powered as many as 14,000 homes.

The plant takes 225,000 tons of wood fiber annually as fuel and had been a key market for low-grade wood for the region’s loggers.

“The loss of our biomass power stations will result in an increased reliance on volatile and unpredictable energy resources,” Justin Knepper, executive director of the Michigan Assn. of Timbermen says. “Members of the association work hard each and every day to ensure that our biomass power stations are supplied with sustainably harvested wood residuals that provide clean, renewable energy.”

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