TrackWeight Means No More Guessing Loading Trucks

The new generation BRT5 Series 3 scale from TrackWeight is the result of more than 20 years of research aimed at always optimizing truck loads more efficiently. It is more precise than previous generations, is easier to install, features a more sophisticated and compact design, is made of ultra-tough components, and components are under a three-year limited warranty.

“All TrackWeight products undergo rigorous testing to confirm their durability and reliability under all usage conditions,” says Marc Lefebvre, President, RMT—the Canadian distributor for TrackWeight. “Because TrackWeight understands the job site conditions of trucks, they have put together a really durable and long-lasting product, which is how they can guarantee parts for three years.”

The scale is customizable to the type of truck or trailer and sensors are available for various suspension types (pneumatic, springs, mechanical or inverted blades).

The BRT5 Series 3 is also fast; its data acquisition box takes thousands of weight readings per second on truck suspensions and analyzes them with maximum precision for display on the BRT5 dashboard monitor, which displays the total load, axle load, overload alerts, date, time, and truck profile. All load information is displayed on the in-cab, four-in. monitor in real time, in either imperial or metric, in either English or French. Load information can also be accessed via a cell phone or tablet combined with the use of TrackWeight’s mobile app, TrackMobile. This allows the loader operator to see in real time how much weight is being put into the truck and onto each axle or axle set.

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