‘First’ Electric Log Truck Now Working In Sweden


In what those involved are calling a “world’s first,” commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania AB has delivered its first electric timber truck to Svenska Cellulosa AB (SCA)—Europe’s largest private forest owner. The all-electric timber truck has a massive capacity of 80 tons.

Scania AB is a commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Södertälje, Sweden and is a subsidiary of Traton Group, which itself is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. The company recently debuted its regional long-haul electric truck that joins a growing line up of all-electric trucks, buses, powertrains and charging solutions.

Scania has also been working with SCA to develop and deploy zero emissions technology for its timber transportation routes. The first electric log truck has been delivered in Sweden and is undergoing testing by SCA this summer.

The truck is projected to make six turns a day between SCA’s Gimonäs wood terminal and its Obbola paper mill—an almost 19-mile round trip that’s expected to take 75 minutes. The truck will be recharged using a 180 kW ABB charger at the Obbola mill.

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