Komatsu signed a major deal for forestry equipment with the new Brazilian pulp mill Eldorado Brasil in the state of Mato Grosso. The agreement covers the delivery of 120 machines, including large numbers of Komatsu PC200F-8 excavators equipped with Komatsu 370E harvesting heads and Komatsu 890.3 forwarders. All machines are supplied with five-year full service contracts that include maintenance and parts supply.

The new Eldorado Brasil pulp and paper mill is the world’s largest, and when production is commissioned in the last quarter of 2012, Eldorado Brasil will have an annual output of 1.5 million tons of bleached pulp. The raw material will be sourced exclusively from eucalyptus plantations.

Komatsu Forest has also recently signed important contracts in Uruguay. The Montes del Plata (MDP) pulp mill has purchased Komatsu 941.1 harvesters and Komatsu 890.3 forwarders.