Franklin Local School district is set to receive an extra boost of $20,000 to help continue programming. The district will receive $21,139 from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry’s Trees to Textbooks program.

“This money goes into our general fund to help support education programs,” said Franklin Local Treasurer Chris Miller. “In 2011 we received $32,279, and $11,281 in 2010. It fluctuates. It’s a small percent of our general fund — about .1 percent — but we’re happy to have it. It has a positive impact on our instruction programs and helps support activities.”

Through the Division of Forestry’s Trees to Textbooks program, a percentage of the revenues generated from state forest management activities go to the county, township, and school district in which the activity took place.

Along with Franklin Local Schools, Muskingum County will receive $10,570, Blue Rock Township will receive $10,414, and Salt Creek Township will receive $155.

According to the ODNR, this year alone, 17 Ohio school districts and their corresponding counties and townships will share $1.4 million from the sale of timber in Ohio’s state forests. More than $23.2 million has been distributed to these entities since 1983.

From The Zanesville Times Recorder: