Redesigned From Husqvarna: 562 XP Mark II

Leveraging Husqvarna’s expertise in tree care and engineering to design a product that dominates in even the most challenging work environments, the 562 XP Mark II is the result of a new generation of Husqvarna chain saws.

The 562 XP Mark II features a new and improved engine design plus AutoTune 3.0 technology for easier starting. It boasts an enhanced power-to-weight ratio and an ergonomic body design for unbeatable handling and maneuverability. Moreover, it delivers an extended runtime, with up to 8% less fuel consumption when compared to the previous generation.

This saw is more than just an upgrade; it is a testament to relentless improvement. Nearly every facet of its design has been fine-tuned to increase durability, improve cutting capacity, reduce weight, and enhance cooling. The result? Unparalleled productivity and uncompromising reliability. The 562 XP Mark II is available now at local Husqvarna dealers.


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New From Tigercat: 6040 Carbonizer

New From Tigercat: 6040 Carbonizer

Tigercat Industries has announced the official release of its 6040 carbonizer—which replaces the 6050 carbonator that Tigercat marketed for a brief time after acquiring the product through the purchase of ROI in 2019. The mobile onsite wood conversion system is once again available after a comprehensive, ground-up redesign.

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