Samsara Camera Connector

Samsara, a pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, announces Camera Connector, a new product that connects side, rear and interior vehicle camera feeds to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. By bringing cloud connectivity to third-party cameras for the first time, Camera Connector allows organizations to leverage existing vehicle camera investments to reduce safety incidents, protect against not-at-fault claims, and enhance the driver experience.

While some fleets may have camera systems with in-cab monitors to help drivers eliminate blind spots, these systems commonly use on-premise, local memory-based storage without cloud connectivity or don’t record footage at all. This means fleets miss out on powerful video evidence to exonerate drivers in the moment and provide valuable video-based coaching after the fact.

Camera Connector addresses these challenges by bringing side, rear, and interior camera feeds into a single view within the Connected Operations Cloud. When combined with Samsara’s AI Dash Cams, customers gain 360° visibility of safety incidents in a single dashboard. This increased visibility combined with cloud connectivity allows managers to access the right footage in minutes and exonerate drivers from false claims.

In addition to providing on-demand video evidence, Camera Connector integrates third-party camera feeds into Samsara’s video-based workflows for coaching and safety insights.


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