Oregon’s WyEast Handles Diverse Logging Conditions

Seizing opportunity with an eye toward diversity, WyEast Timber Services has found success in operations ranging from cable logging to firewood production and everything in between.


  • Oregon’s WyEast Handles Diverse Logging Conditions
MY TAKE: Beginnings

Way back in the 1940s my father was a local kid with smarts. Born into a farming family in Butler County, Alabama, he grew up loving his family, the land, animals and hunting and fishing. He was even working his way into the timber industry: The folks running W.T. Smith Lumber in Chapman gave him a summer job learning to cruise and mark timber, and he planned to attend Auburn University and go into forestry. Problem was, a nearby fish pond in the tiny community of Brushy Creek intervened, and Auburn offered him a chance to make a career out of what he really loved – fishing.


Article by Dan Shell, Managing Editor, Timber Harvesting

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Article by Dan Shell, Managing Editor, Timber Harvesting


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Oregon’s WyEast Handles Diverse Logging Conditions

Articles by Dan Shell, Managing Editor, Timber Harvesting

Seizing opportunity with an eye toward diversity, WyEast Timber Services has found success in operations ranging from cable logging to firewood production and everything in between. Under owner Paul Jones, the operation includes Neal Creek Forest Products for mulch and bark and firewood production; and Middle Mountain Trucking that operates four log hauling trucks and three lowboys.

The company’s offices on the south side of Hood River include a firewood and bark and mulch yard and large shop. Neal Creek produces bark and firewood at the site, and also offers rock and soil products as well. In addition, Neal Creek operates a pole log sort yard on site for Bell Lumber.

And if that’s not enough diversification, the company has been producing some clear slabs, custom beams and even flower planter kits with a set of Wood-Mizer and Peterson sawmills.

Using timber purchases through small landowners and stewardship contracts instead of just contract logging, WyEast looks to control more of its product and channel it to higher value uses. For example, “We’re fortunate to have the yard here to help with merchandising,” Jones says, noting that pulpwood logs can be upgraded into higher value bark and mulch and firewood products.

Operating a logging company that also works wildfires, a trucking company, a firewood and fiber yard and log sort yard leads to a wider range of business opportunities, Jones says, and having the infrastructure in place enables WyEast Timber Services to take advantage of opportunity on its own terms.


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